Hello! I’m Ami (pronounced in the way that rhymes with salami). I have been working in Interface Design for over 5 years, but I have been designing things for as long as I can remember! It all started when I was a wee lass who should have been studying her multiplication tables, but instead snuck onto my mom’s computer and discovered the wonders Photoshop and the mystical pen tool.

Since then, I have been fascinated with how extensive the design world is and how intertwined design is with all things human. As a UI Designer, I hope to make human interactions with software just a little bit simpler, and a little bit more beautiful, one design at a time.


Visualizing Concepts

Every great design starts with a seedling of an idea. Visualization gives that seedling a place to sprout, and can help users understand the story a business wants to share with them.

Designing Interfaces

Fresh and intuitive interface design is the soil that fertilizes your idea and allows it to grow beyond its inception. Ranging anywhere from websites to mobile apps, interface is a crucial part of any product, and can be the deciding factor in success.

Implementing Design

The fruit of an idea can only be harvested if it has been tended to from start to finish. Adding functionality to a beautiful design is the final factor in bringing your idea to life. As your design gardener, I can develop your product from visual concept to a functional product.



Lowes Pro Salesforce

A Sales and CRM tool prototype using Salesforce Lightning Design System aimed to streamline in-store associates’work.

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Measurement Study Submission

This project focuses on identifying a problem in the user experience of the Commerce Signals Measurement Application, creating a solution, and measuring its success.

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Forever Print

Forever Print is the company's recently launched print creation tool through which users can create custom photo books. I led the marketing design of this new product.

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