Project Overview

RedMorph offers a suite of privacy software geared toward the everyday Internet user. Its product offerings include an ad & tracker blocking browser extension, a mobile app, and a desktop VPN. The challenge I faced while creating their marketing website and brand image was three fold. Educating users on why they should be concerned about their privacy, conveying a tech-heavy solution in a friendly manner consumable to non-tech-savvy consumers, and elevating points credibility for this relatively new, small company. I illustrated a variety of flat icons that aimed at visually representing the company’s products and visually explaining the offerings of a complex tech solution in a simplified, less intimidating manner. I structured the information on the website such the the product would be elevated at the forefront, and the education on the dangers of tracking would come secondary. In addition to designing and coding the website, I created all of the visual assets.

Responsibilities Overview

  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Technical Implementation