Forever Live! 2018 Conference Website


Forever Live! Has been an anticipated annual event for the customers and sales force of FOREVER since 2015. In recent years, the conference has placed increasing focus on catering to the needs of the sales team, and in 2018 the conference intends to limit its entry to the internal sales force entirely, in order to fully meet their needs and expectations.

Responsibilities Overview

  • UI Design
  • Technical Implementation & Deployment

Project Goals

  • Adapt Forever’s branding to a more playful, vibrant style with “scrapbook-y” elements.
  • Provide information in a clear, concise manor and encourage ticket sales.
  • Consider optimizing site performance by maximizing reusable elements during implementation.

My Role & Process

I was the owner of this project from start to finish. To start, I met with the event coordinators understand their needs and gather the information they expected to be on the site. Then proceeded to create low-fidelity wireframes to map out the information architecture. After sharing the wireframes with stakeholders and gathering feedback, I uprised the wireframes to a higher fidelity and stiched a prototype together using the InVision Studio, and shared once more with the relevant stakeholders. Finally, I implemented and deployed the site.


This project was less intensely focused on user experience and allowed for more visual design and interaction. I was granted the freedom to be a bit more creative in use of patterns, color, and overall visuals. While still strongly considering user experience, this website largely stayed true to the previous years’ information architecture which had proven to be successful. The challenge here lied in creating a unique, cohesive style that adapted FOREVER’s brand aesthetic to a modern, yet scrapbook-y style. The 2018 event would be the first time FOREVER hosted the event in its home-town where the office was headquartered. Because of this, there was also push to sprinkle elements of Pittsburgh aesthetic throughout the site. I achieved this through use of pattern, color, and photography. I was grateful for the chance to stretch my visual design muscles on this project as well as the opportunity and responsibility of deploying a website out into the real world!